He Is My Dwelling Place

Thank You, Lord for being my Shepherd, who I can trust to feed me, to guide me and to shield from the enemy’s devices. You are Jehovah Jira, the Lord God my provider. When my life is in turmoil and I do not know where I am going, I thank you for the green quiet pastures, where you lead me, where the still and restful water flows, and where my weary soul is refreshed and restored. You have made me righteousness not in my own goodness; only I am in right standing with You because of Your name sake.

I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death and I fear no evil, because I know your rod, your staff and your angels are with me, comforting me and guiding me to where You would have me to go. You give to me stability and peace in the presence of my enemies. You have anointed my head with oil, Your Holy Spirit runs over and flows through me. You are my dwelling place and your goodness, mercy and unfailing love follows me all the days of my life. I declare that I will dwell in your house and presence forever and ever and ever. AMEN!

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March 7, 2010

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