You are Unique and Special!

You are unique and special, there is no one like you. Of all the people in the world, God sees you! You were fearfully and wonderfully made. God watched you being formed in your mother’s womb and He said, “Well Done, I have a purpose and I have a marvelous plan for this one’s life, let her live… let him live!”

If you lost your direction, God the Father wants you to know that He will redirect your path. If your life has fallen apart and you feel you are shattered into thousands of pieces, it is not the king’s horses or the king’s men who can put you back together again.

Jesus has come to liberate us and to give back the life He purposed for us to walk in from the very beginning of time. YES,you have always been in His heart and His mind.

I promise, He will not fail you!  Men come and men go, But Jesus is the Same, Yesterday, Today and Forever, His love will never change. He will never leave you or forsake you. He is closer than the very mention of His sweet name…. Jesus. I pray His greatest blessing on your life, as you put your trust in Him I know things will turn around for you this year, my friend!!

I love you!

Jeri Lynn

Posted on Facebook on
March 21, 2010

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